Provider of General Tree Services

Trees are wonderful additions to any landscape, providing beauty, shade and shelter throughout the seasons and the years. But in order to ensure that they are strong and resilient to changes in weather and the seasons, it is extremely important that your trees receive proper care and maintenance on a regular basis. Tree Removal Portland has given us some insights to the best way to maintain trees.

tree care services

Affordable Tree Care offers professional tree care and tree removal services to property owners in Farmers Branch, TX and surrounding areas. Our experts can help you determine whether your tree can be saved with a little tender-loving care, or if it is dying and would be better off being removed. Our team of trained and experienced technicians knows how to safely and efficiently trim or remove any tree, regardless of size. You can buy an all natural, one of a kind custom tree table with a stump base or you can have one made out of a tree we removed for you. This way you and your family can cherish the memories of your trees for years to come at 10 to 50% off. You can get $25 to $300 thank you commission check for referrals in the mail.

Affordable Tree Care can provide either on-demand tree removal or regular maintenance services, depending on your need. We can help with seasonal pruning or trimming with our storm damage prevention/restoration plans to ensure the tree stays balanced, safe, beautiful and strong for many years to come. All of this will help to ensure your trees live a long, healthy life.

During the stormy seasons, winds or rain may damage or fell a tree, posing a threat to your home and family. Affordable Tree Care will be there for you to handle any tree removal or restoration plans in the event of an emergency. We can also provide you with a storm damage prevention plan to prevent any future damages.

Just as our business name says, Affordable Tree Care services are extremely affordable and our prices are highly competitive. We can save you up to 50% off any tree service, depending on the size of the job. We offer free consultations and estimates, we are insured for your protection, and all our work is guaranteed. We are friendly and professional, and we’re serious about our motto, “We Care About You and Your Tree and Leaving You Smiling Is Our Guarantee.”